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What to Bring

Warm clothes are a must when fishing in early spring and late fall. Even if the air temperature is warm the water temperature can make it feel much colder, so dress warmer than you think. My advice is to overdress, and we can store your extra clothes if you get too warm.  A good quality coat, hat, gloves, and rain gear should keep you comfortable most days. Boots are always a good idea.  If you bring a bag with clothes, please be sure it can be zipped or snapped shut. 

Feel free to bring lunch, drinks, or snacks, but please keep cooler size to a minimum and be sure any coolers have lids that can be tightly secured.  Please try to bring beverages in bottles with lids to prevent spilling, and remember, NO ALCOHOL or non-prescription drugs are allowed on board.   

An auto inflating life jacket (PFD) will be provided for each adult; feel free to bring your own if you would like. All fishing equipment and lures are provided and are tournament quality gear.

Regarding fish cleaning, if you want to clean your fish bring a fillet knife.  Cleaning stations and power are available for electric knives at some ports.  Please bring some gallon zip lock bags for fillets and a cooler with ice to transport your catch to keep it fresh on the ride home.

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