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Catch More Walleye on the Detroit River's Spring Run

Are you looking for some of the best walleye fishing in the country? Then the Detroit River is where you need to be in April and May. The walleye spawning migration brings millions of walleye into the river during these months. You can expect to catch walleye from eater size to trophy size on any given trip. The Detroit River is 32 miles long; however, not all of the river holds fish. Using your side imaging structure scan to locate specific spots where fish concentrate is the first key to consistent success. Having the proper rods, line, and jigs is also critical. Not having the right gear can cost you a lot of fish that you never even felt bite. Lastly, boat control needs to be precise to keep you on catchable fish and to be able to feel their bite. With a little experience it is relatively easy. Book a charter with Hard Core Charters, and we will take the time to show you how to be successful every day on the water

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