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Which payment methods do you accept?

We take cash, check, and all major credit cards. You are welcome to make a $100 deposit to secure your date and pay the remainder at the dock.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift cards make great presents! Request a gift certificate, and we will generate a professional looking certificate customized with your information.

Do I need to bring any fishing gear?

All the rods, reels, lures, and equipment will be provided on your charter  All equipment provided is tournament quality.

Do you fish in the rain?

Yes.  Rain will not cause a charter to be cancelled.  Bring good rain gear and footwear to keep you dry.  Storms with lightening will cause a delay in the charter until it is deemed safe by the captain.

Will I get seasick?

Possibly not.  Trips on the Detroit River rarely cause seasickness. Trips on Lake Erie are less predictable. If you have a tendency toward seasickness, take the following measures:  Dramamine, the night before your trip and the morning of, the use of Sea Bands on your wrists, or the application of Motion Ease.

Will there be a fish cleaning station available?

Some ports have fish cleaning stations.  Those ports are Libra Marina, Erieau Marina, Ontario, and Sterling State Park. All other ports please plan on taking whole fish home with you.

Could our trip be cancelled, and what happens when if does?

Weather is always unpredictable, and the safety of our customers and crew is our #1 priority. The captain will make the call the day before or the day of charter as to the safety of the trip.  If a small craft advisory is issued by the coast guard, the trip will automatically be cancelled.  If the trip is cancelled every effort will be made to reschedule it.

What do documentation do we need to cross into Canada?

You will need a passport, passport card, an enhanced drivers license (only valid until September 30, 2020), or a Real ID.  If traveling with children under 18, bring a copy of their birth certificate.  If only one parent will be present on the trip, a notarized letter from the other parent would be recommended to prove that they are allowing you to take the child out of the country.

What if I don’t have anyone to share the cost of a trip?

No problem. This happens frequently.  Let us know of your intent to be added to the group wait list.  When a date is available, we will create a group of 3-4 customers for a charter. This is also a great way to meet new fishing friends.

Does the boat have a toilet or “head”?

Good question. Typically, most smaller boats do not have a toilet on board. There are restrooms available before and after your trip. There is a urinal on board, or in some cases we would be near a port with restroom facility. Running back into port can often take away from your valuable fishing time, and extending your trip is not guaranteed.

What items are not permitted on the charter?

Items such as alcohol, controlled substances, and in Canada no firearms or cash over $10,000 are not permitted on the boat.

What can prevent me from entering Canada?

Canada does not allow anyone with a felony conviction or DUI to enter their country. Please notify the captain prior to the trip if you think this may be an issue, and adjustments to fishing location will be made accordingly. The information you provide

Are limits of fish guaranteed?

Fishing conditions are always unpredictable, so catching limits every trip can not be expected. We will make every effort to ensure your trip is as successful as possible. Even if the fish aren’t cooperating, we’ll do our best to make your trip enjoyable.

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